Tuesday, 31 January 2012


And here we have it - The eighth Doctor's new clothes
from this weeks episode of  In Print.
The outfit along with a new sonic screwdriver and a bag was designed by the Weta Workshop - the guys behind the lord of The Rings effects, and were worn by the eighth Doctor himself - Paul Mcgann at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo in Auckland New Zealand October 2010. It was a bid to 'update' from the old fashioned Edwardian look to a more 21st century style in hoping it would be used possibly for the Big Finish covers. The shirt and trousers he was wearing that day were his own. So far it doesn't look as if the outfits been used for anything, so who-knows just how long our eighth Doctor is going to keep it for... If no.7 can have a new costume then why cant 8 ?!

Info Supplied by Paul Scoones, who currently writes for the Doctor Who production notes on BBC DVDs and has wrote a book about Doctor Who comic strips from the 1960/70's. Link to his blog here - Paulscoones.com

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