Monday, 25 April 2011

When I met Colin Baker, May 2010

This coming weekend mark's the first anniversary of releasing Neutron Boy, the first comic I've drawn that's been printed and sold over the counter. Neutron Boy, wrote by friend Ben Cook was printed just in time for the May bank holiday weekend 2010. With our local comic book store shop that Ben works for, The Three Darths, holding their annual sci-fi related celebrations that weekend, we decided to take full advantage and have a table there to promote our comic. 
There were guests a-plenty at the mini-convention including Spencer Wilding (who coincidently is going to appear  in episode 11 of DW series 6), Kai Owen, Warwick Davis, Kenny Baker, Rusty Goffe and of course Colin Baker among many others over the few days.
After what probably seemed like hours to Colin Baker of me boring him to death talking about growing up with Who in the 70's and 80's, I asked if he would oblige to pose in a photo for me with my comic in his hands. It struck me then about that old photo in the early issues of Doctor Who Weekly, where Tom Baker pulls a strange face holding the publication...and again more recently with David Tennant. I couldn't help but ask if Colin Baker would do the same for me... and of course, to my delight, he did!
And as the good Doctor says himself, some of these little key moments are fixed points of time and space...they must always happen...and without this happening I may not have been drawing the 'In Print' series that I'm doing right now with Alasdair Shaw from the Doctor Who Reprint Society.  
Shortly after the celebrations,  put up an article about the meeting with Colin, and you can find it here;

Keep your eye out some Neutron Boy stuff coming to this blog very soon...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Here's a few page's from a project I'm working on called
Hope & D'angelo.
It's story about a robot and a vampire but these are a few intro
pages that set's a basis for the world of the characters.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Here we go; my first attempt at creating a blog post/site thing!

Over the next few weeks I'll put up a lot of my work from the last few years, but for now I'll show case some of the recent project I've been working on with writer Alasdair Shaw from the Doctor Who Reprint Society.
The Strips called 'In Print' and starts this coming weekend - 23rd April. It features the mis-adventures of the 7th & 8th Doctors and a few other faces that 'Who' fans will recognize.
A new strip will go on-line every two weeks only at:

Look out for a intro page going up the night before to give you a taste of what to come =)